Motivation to Heal

What is the Key to Moving Toward a Better Tomorrow?

Motivation is Essential
How often do we have ideas for our wellbeing but fail to get around to them? For some of us it happens a lot. We have good intentions but it isn't easy to put them into action.

We're fortunate to live in a society where self-help topics abound. We're often surrounded with people trying to right a wrong, heal the body or simply work on being a better person. This is a beautiful thing individually and collectively. Yet sometimes we can spin our wheels when we lack the motivation to really get engaged.

We're Ready When We're Ready
I see how people want to do better but fail to make any progress. How often do we say, "I don't have time" or "I'm too busy"? I do it too, but I must tell you when I found a great Hawaiian Healer I was willing to drive 5 hours for a single 90-minute healing session! So, it is with a sense of compassion (and maybe a little frustration) I've offered solutions to people right here in my own hometown but they decide against it because the 15 minute drive "is too far".

I know each of us is ready to heal only when we are ready to heal. And I know everyone is right on schedule with their comfort, and with their discomfort. Only when each of us are ready will we then be moved to do something.

Self-Worth is Another Key
Another essential ingredient for healing is knowing how worth it we are. If someone else can get the motivation to do things to change their life, but we cannot, self-worth may be the issue. I've found people who show a love for themselves more likely to consider the time, effort and money needed for gaining their comfort to be "worth it."

But self-worth is hard to pin down. When people told me my massage "costs too much" it took me a while to understand they're not really talking about the massage. In my opinion they're talking about something else entirely. In fact, "I don't want to spend the money on massage" really means, "I don't want to spend the money on myself".

Self-Worth Affirmations and Guided Imagery for The Body
Serious self-worth issues need to be addressed by a mental health counsellor but simple Guided Imagery and Self-Worth Affirmations are available to you during massage if you want them.

We all share so much. I have empathy for all my clients because I too face some of the same challenges. Sometimes I forget to get motivated. Sometimes I don't use my tools. Sometimes I forget my true value. For these reasons, and because I see the same things in all people, I offer tools and assistance like Guided Imagery and Affirmations to my clients.

I'm Rooting for Us All!
You can do it! I personally believe you are a Sacred Creation of the Most High. And I see how casual we are in everyday ways. We can dance this Sacred Dance called Life any way we want: in comfort or in pain. It's all the same in so many important ways. And it makes all the difference in the world as well!

If you respond to this article and it speaks to you, then consider my massage. I love what I do and you will feel that during the session. I recommend the (Awesome!) Lomi Lomi because it not only feels great. it can get us unstuck and moving forward in our Journey toward a better Tomorrow. I look forward to hearing from you!