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What My Clients say...

Eye-Candy is almost as good as Good Feedback. Can U C the hidden 3D image?Oh, that's like powdered sugar and cinnamon on French Toast! (working on forehead and temples) -Clay

Dan is a great massage therapist and a very caring person. I wasn't used to going to a man for a massage but upon first meeting him my fears and nervousness went away. His healing hands and the aromatherapy he used did wonders on my painful back. Having had scoliosis since I was a teenager I am used to living with constant pain. Thanks, Dan, for relaxing my muscles enough to alleviate the worst part of my pain and helping me to feel good again. I also took a class of his on how to meditate which is helping me to learn how to relax and to love myself for who I am. I am very grateful. -Elaine

Dan is very intuitive, and his broad range of skills allow him to combine techniques and treatments (deep tissue, myofascial release, aromatherapy, guided meditation) to provide deep relief and relaxation. I have been to many massage therapists over the years and he is by far the best I've found in Columbus. I love the feeling of peace and joy that lasts for days after sessions with him. -Lori

Dan’s knowledge and skill translates into an effective, relaxing massage every time! -Tim

In a fast-paced business environment, it is difficult to find time for oneself.  Dan's regular presence at the Battelle Fitness Center has been greatly appreciated by everyone.  His massage expertise,
combined with extensive holistic nutrition and alternative treatment knowledge serve as added benefits to the massage practice itself. As with many, the chronic neck and shoulder tension which I experience has been artfully addressed by Dan and it has made a significant difference in my whole body health!  His compassion and gifted hands, act as healers for painful situations!  I am very thankful for the work which he performs! -Marcia

I highly recommend Dan's massage. "Ahhhhh!!!" -Lu

I have been working with Dan almost every week for the past 5 years and can (and have) recommend him without hesitation. I say “working with” because I view Dan as a partner in an ongoing process to maintain a healthy lifestyle. While Dan is very capable of “fixing” a trouble spot here and there, he provides a very real benefit when you work with him over time to maintain good health. After a few sessions, Dan becomes familiar with your muscle structure and the areas that need maintenance or direct focus. This knowledge allows him to zero in on the areas that need attention and make the most of the session.
I also recommend Dan because quite frankly – he is a good person. Dan is an empathetic soul, and accents his great massage technique with an authentic compassion for his clients. -Reade

With the multiple techniques Dan utilizes, I experience relief of tension and discomfort, feeling relaxed and balanced. I notice an increase in energy and immune response, which positively affects all areas of my life. Lomi Lomi is amazing! -Amy

I have been seeing Dan for over 4 years now on a regular basis and can honestly say every one of my massages with Dan has been very beneficial to my well being. I fully respect Dan's gifted ability and appreciate the compassion and presence he brings to the profession. I fully trust Dan on all levels of my being and honor him for how he has provided me with awesome service each and every time. -Tony