After the Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Possible Reactions to Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Depending upon the amount of toxins in the body, some people experience some detoxification reactions, also called a healing crisis, which may include:

  • sluggishness
  • nausea
  • muscle aches
  • pain
  • tiredness.

If these occur and then pass, it indicates the release of toxins. Urinary reactions may occur, in which strong smelling, dark colored urine is passed at first in greater-than-usual quantities, followed by clear urine. This also indicates a passing of toxins out of the body. Sleep may be be altered. Some people experience greater tiredness, while others are greatly revived by LDT. Sometimes depression is felt at first, following an LDT session, followed by a sense of wellbeing and emotional relief. Some bones may spontaneously readjust, indicating tension release.

People may experience:

  • improved memory
  • improved sense of taste
  • better sense of smell
  • improved eyesight

As with depression, other emotional release may be experienced and outwardly express itself as:

  • crying
  • sighing
  • yawning

There is also the possibility of the ‘nothing’ reaction. This may occur if a person does not have a good grasp of their own mind-body-emotional awareness. Great changes in these areas of our lives is possible with LDT. However, in about 6% of all clients, there is no discernible effect from the treatment. This is often an indication there is another problem that must be addressed first, ie: bone misalignment, lack of vitamins or nutrients, teeth problems (fillings, infections), or repressed psychological trauma, etc.

from: Lymphatic Drainage Therapy I, by Bruno Chilky/ The Upledger Institute, Copyright 1996 by IHH Inc Publishing

Some results and reactions to Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Dan Petric, LMT has witnessed as a Massage Therapist and LDT Practitioner
As a LDT practitioner I have seen an almost total consistent positive result for my clients using the Lymphatic Drainage methods developed by Bruno Chilky and taught by the Upledger Institute. Some of these positive results have been quite dramatic. Examples: complete relief from 20+ years of arm and breast pain as a result of being scratched by a cat on her (LP) sternum. Overnight eradication of a multi-month sinus infection (NB). Within days, total relief from sinus infection (SL). When combined with essential oil therapy, dramatic relief from very extensive internal and external candida infection (PC). My clients have very infrequently experienced 'unpleasant' reactions such as a healing crisis, which is actually a very positive development for the body though it has temporary unpleasant effects (see above). The resulting detoxification process from a 40-minute LDT session has left a client (CC) with severe healing crisis symptoms resembling ‘the flu’ for 3 days. This happened twice for him. Other clients have felt sleepy as a result of LDT, while others feel energized and sleep less. Most feel very relaxed and want to sleep. One client said her dreams on the night after the LDT were vivid and exhilirating.