Gift Certificates for all Occasions

Giving the Gift of Massage at Healthy Balance is easy and affordable. Buy a great looking Gift Cetificate to give to your friend, wife, husband, employee, boss, neighbor, barrista, mail person, garbage collector, state employee, AAA travel consultant, professor, a perfect stranger, cousin, aunt or uncle, or to be perfectly ridiculous- your State of Ohio legislative representative!

Christmas, Birthdays, Mother's Day and so many other Hallmark (faux) holidays make excellent reasons to give the Gift of Healthy Balance Massage.

Gift Cards can be inscribed with your own words, so your personal message can be included with the Giving. You can also give me a greeting card you really like, and I will print the message insert that makes it a truly special Healthy Balance Massage Gift Certificate.

Massage Gift Certificates can be given for any length of time. Want to give a 60 minute massage? No Problem. 90 Minutes? 2 massages of 90 minutes each? 130 hours of continuous massage? Okey dokey! I will tailor the Gift Certificate to say absolutely anything you want.

Just bear in mind that Gift Cards typically take 1 week to make. Gift Cards cost an additional $7.50 in addition to the cost of the massage. Gift Cards have a shelf-life of 1 year, at which point the Giver of the Card can then receive the massage.

Click on 'Contact Me' in the menu bar to order your beautiful Gift Card. Or call 614-431-8814 to discuss your options.

Excellent cards, not pictured, are also available for guys.

Remember: The Gift of Massage is the most awesome gift you can give.