What to Expect...

The Massage You Always Wanted!

Hello! I'm Dan Petric, Licensed Massage Therapist and I would enjoy working with you!

It's your time, your massage and your money so I listen to YOU. We'll discuss your goals and then we'll get started. If the massage is too deep or too light, just tell me and I'll adjust the massage to your preference.

I have a wide range of modalities to combine or choose from. When you tell me what you want, I'll share some ideas and we'll go from there. Relaxation, relieving pain and increasing your mobility is great, but maybe we can prevent the problem from happening again. That's my goal. To give you long-lasting comfort and the ability to stay healthy.

I create a safe and nurturing enviroment for everyone. All sessions are given with professional protocol, ethics and genuine interest in your well-being. Your dignity, modesty and values are respected in all ways. I love what I do and am grateful to everyone who comes to me. You will see that when we work together.

On The Table
After our initial talk I'll leave the room so you can get on the table. Any level of clothing you wear during the massage is OK with me: from fully clothed to your birthday suit. Your comfort is what matters most to me. All massage is done with the client covered by at least a sheet and usually a light blanket. During the session I only uncover what is being worked on.

You will usually start the massage lying face-up on a cushion of warm water, placed under the sheets under your back. This relaxes and softens muscles until you turn over for work on your back. Again, your feedback is welcome. I will alter the massage depending on your input.

Massage sessions last 60 minutes or more. If you've ever gotten massage before then you know how the time flies when you're feeling good. So maybe try a 90 minute massage to start with. More work can be done for you in that time. Hot stones and essential oils can always be used in your massage. Please tell me in advance if you have allergies, heat sensitivity or any other situation that I need to know about BEFORE the massage.

I usually use coconut, almond or grapeseed oil. I also have camu camu, shea butter, and other awesome and excellent oils for you! I sometimes use Biotone Nutri-Naturals Healthy Skin Formula Lotion as well.

During the massage it's always nice to hear the Oo's and Ah's of contentment. But I am also responsive to the occasional Ow! and will check in with you to find out if it's the 'hurts so good' therapeutic pain or if it's something else. I want to know about any discomfort and will respond with a lighter touch on ouchy areas. Just tell me.

Massage is Self-Care
Your self-care means a lot, and a little goes a long way. Your decision to take care of yourself is important for you and everyone in your life. When you make an effort to feel good, everyone else in your life will also feel it. That's why self-care is so important. An hour of massage every 2 to 4 weeks means so much. This level of 'paying attention' to your healthy balance allows you to move out of stress and into your calm center.

We''re all looking for an easier journey in life. Massage helps make that possible.