Hawaiian Temple Lomi Lomi

The Most Beautiful Bodywork of all!

The Promise of Lomi Lomi
After 10 years of giving bodywork I finally found the most relaxing and beautiful massage of all- Temple Lomi Lomi! This gentle and unique bodywork brings you fully back into your body where all your healing and transformation exist. Lomi Lomi makes you feel relaxed, energized and optimistic like no other bodywork.

Lomi Lomi Provides Transformation
The flowing nonstop strokes of Lomi Lomi go from your hands to your shoulders, across your body, down to your feet and back again. This weaving of energy and movement quiets the mind (and gets it out of the way!) so that Divine Grace, your Body and your Spirit can direct the process. Pure experience takes over to open entirely new ways of healing.

Lomi Lomi is also unique in that it brings optimum results without your need to verbalize specific goals. What is ready to change will change. These results are reliable, predictable and present to anyone open to them. Clients have gotten relief from stress, anxiety, grief, depression, self-worth and body image issues, neck, shoulder and back pain, and peace in troubling relationships.

Lomi Lomi transforms everyone who receives it. The deeply peaceful quality of Lomi Lomi is hard to describe. Often people just sit and smile after the session, and you too will feel new whole-being Bliss as your vibration rises with this nurturing massage. Lomi Lomi not only feels good in the Moment but it brings something new and awesome to your entire life.

The Spirit of Aloha
"Aloha" means much more than Hello in the healing culture of Hawaii. Aloha is an acknowledgement that "the Breath of God is between us". When one Sacred Being (you!) receives Lomi Lomi from another Sacred Being (me!), the Aloha Spirit is indeed present. And just as Christ told us where 2 or more gather in sacred communion He will be present, the Breath of God is abundantly present with Lomi Lomi. We are all Sacred Beings and Lomi Lomi allows us to truly know this in an immediate and meaningful way.

A Lomi Experience
Here's a story about Lomi Lomi, the Hawaiian massage. This incredible gift from the ancient healing culture of Hawaii is so powerful, so beautiful.

I had a new client call me because she saw one of my Lomi postcards with a big ocean wave on it and it's just a beautiful postcard. She called me and came by for the Lomi Lomi. Before the session I usually say a few words of gratitude basically. An invocation. Sometimes I mention how we are all Sacred Beings, all of us. And when two sacred beings are in the same room then the room is sacred. I reminded her the whole world is a Sacred Place. This moved her to quiet tears, these things of value.

The invocation is to help people understand they are special and valuable no matter what. And to let people know Lomi is a special experience. Lomi can be HUGELY transformative and it's the Sacred nature of the work that does that.

So we got started and I think she was feeling the energy of Self-Love. We then started the music and all during the massage she sighed and laughed and cried. Her easily released emotions isn't exactly typical of all sessions but it isn't rare with Lomi Lomi.

I learned that this emotional release is the letting-go of emotional stones. Harry Uhane Jim, a real Hawaiian Kahuna says we all carry these emotional stones and the stones are the anger and resentment, the sorrow and hurt we've all experienced and held onto for one reason or another.

When the client does this kind of letting-go, I was trained to kind of get out of the way and be there w/o judgement as they emote. It's an honor for any of us to be present to another person in a nonjudegmental way while they feel free and safe enough to go through their process.

Lomi Lomi usually lasts anywhere from 50 to 75 minutes, depending on the person's process. After about 70 minutes the massage ended and she was still heaving big sighs, eyes closed. Her teaching for me was to let my agenda and schedule go, to just re-prioritize my time in those moments. That was her gift to me.

After a while she opened her eyes and looked around. Her eyes were very clear and bright, and her face was just luminous. She was smiling and quiet- very at-peace. I left the room and she got up, got dressed and after only a few words, she left.

Her visit allowed for a gift we both gave each other that day. And Lomi Lomi is a precious gift from the Kahunas of Hawaii to the world. It's a healing of one that heals us all. This is an accepted fact in Hawaiian teaching/healing- that we are so completely entwined that we are all in it together no matter what differences may seem to exist. The Lomi allowed us to bring in Love and Self-Love, and I think God was very present to do the real work that day.


Make an appointment to experience this most beautiful massage and put the Aloha Spirit back into your Body. Even if you just want to relax, Lomi Lomi is the best massage technique for that. Lomi Lomi is different for everyone and sometimes things are already right where they need to be. But another Lomi promise is that things will change that are ready to change. And that is good: healthy change moving us forward.

Sessions cost $65. Call me at 614-431-8814.


Aloha Nui!

Peace be With You!

In Love and Light!