Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Briefly

A Brief Orientation to the Lymph System and LDT

What is the Lymph System & why is it so important?

We don’t pay much attention to our lymphatic system, yet it is crucial for sustaining our health. It's as vast as our circulatory system and it drains toxins and debris from the deep tissues of our body. The lymphatic system sustains our immunity by moving foreign invaders like virus and bacteria through our lymph nodes, which stimulates them to release aggressive immune cells to fight infection and kill off things like the flu. Congested or stagnant lymph is common in many people. Those who've had surgery, those who do not exercise and those who exercise too much all can congested lymph. Women who have had a breast removed can sometimes develop lymph swelling in their arm. This is stagnant lymph and can be moved with Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT) to reduce the inflammation, speed healing, and recharge the body with energy.

LDT is an extremely gentle form of massage done with very light pressure. But the light touch produces very strong results. The first session usually lasts 45 minutes and is performed on the head, neck and shoulders. For most goals, three sessions within the first month is suggested for maximum accumulative effect.

LDT is often combined with essential oils, and relaxation or therapeutic massage for enhanced effect.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage (LDT) has Many Benefits

You will gain many benefits from receiving Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Here is a partial list:
  - Prepares the body for ‘flu season’ by boosting the immune system
  - Reduces swelling and inflammation in the body
  - Detoxifies the body
  - Reduces tension in head, neck and shoulders
  - Stops or reduces headaches and migraines
  - Relieves acne, eczema and allergies
  - Increases range of motion in joints
  - Promotes relaxation and reduces stress
  - Promotes restful sleep
  - Promotes an anti-aging effect by regenerating tissues in the body
  - Relieves chronic pain
  - Reduces the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia
  - Eliminates cellulite
  - Regenerates tissue in scars and burns


LDT in Real Life: Stopping 2 Migraine Headaches in 15 Minutes!
LDT is a great way to treat headaches. The first time I used Lymphatic Drainage Therapy was to help my haircutter with her migraine. As she cut my hair she talked about her chronic headaches and how bad she was feeling that day from a horrible migraine.  At the end of the haircut I did 5 minutes of LDT on her shoulders, neck and face and when I was done she stood up with a big smile and said, “Oh my God! That’s incredible. My headache is gone!"

LDT is effective in the treatment of headaches because it promotes a profound relaxation response and because it evacuates inflammation and fluids from overburdened tissue such as sinus, muscles and the lymph system.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy has profoundly positive effects with most people, and because it is so gentle there are virtually zero negative side effects.