Help is Available for Workplace Stress

Everyone gets 'bumped-up' a notch when even one person on the team does a little Self-Care.

I was the Onsite Massage Therapist at Battelle Research Institute here in Columbus from 2002 to 2015, and in that time I got to see how quickly people relax and recover from stress and anxiety with massage at work. When massage becomes a routine part of their work experience, the 'emergency' repair to body, emotions and morale is no longer necessary.

CDC says "Stress is an Epidemic"
The Center for Disease Control tells us that 85% of all disease is caused by stress, and that the Workplace is by far the number one source of all stress in our lives. They call workplace stress an 'epidemic'.

And doesn't that ring true! Starting with the daily commute, our work day literally begins and ends with chronic stress.

Let's also consider the deadlines, difficult bosses, irritating coworkers, impending layoffs and the fact that if you do "survive the ax", then you have more work to do because your coworkers are gone.

And that does not mention the aches and pains that develop from working at a computer all day! Massage is excellent for quick relief of Neck, shoulder, hand and arm pain.

Manage the Team: Manage Your Stress
Please remember that no matter how difficult our enviroment is, we can always manage ourselves and our reaction to that enviroment. Self-Care in the form of a short, invigorating and stress-reducing massage can dramatically lower the physiological responses associated with stress. When one employee is managing their stress it effects the entire team. When the manager or team leader is getting a weekly 15 minute massage at work, his superiors and his team gets a boost. Productivity, time-off, physical issues and mental acuity are all addressed by a single 15 minute massage each week.


Workplace Massage offers enormous payoffs not only for those actually getting the 15 or 30 minute massage. A more relaxed worker is more productive and that has a positive impact on those they work with, talk to and do business with. A more productive employee also helps management too because it frees up time and efforts for managers and administrators