The Raindrop Technique

Further Experience, Further Observations

I’ve been giving the Raindrop Technique for a few years and I’ve found it’s all that Gary Young and his multilevel marketing company says it is. Kind of.

I need to point out that this great technique is surrounded by so much Young Living selling and propanganda that in my opinion it's both more and less than what the YL salesfolk products say it is.

The first thing I found is that the technique works just as well with non-Young Living essential oils as it does with the over-hyped oils from YL. My clients get identical results from other other manufacturers' oils as they do from YL oils. This is because all essential oils are good medicine.
If I can keep my costs down then perhaps more people will find out that the Raindrop Technique kills candida, pneumonia, flu and cold, while it relaxes and soothes back and spinal muscles.

Another thing I found out was that yes, people definitely get taller during the Raindrop Technique as claimed by Gary Young, often adding 1/8 to 1/2 inches to their height during the treatment. The caveat here is that I have begun the informal practice of measuring my clients before and after all bodywork, and I find that good old massage therapy on the back (with or without essential oils) makes people taller than the Raindrop Technique.

This increase in height was predicted by the founder of the technique, who originally intuited that virus and bacteria infection cause contractions in the muscles of the back which then pull the spine either left, right or downward and thus make people shorter. And though his intuition was proven to be correct years later, I know that there are many explanations for shortened spinal muscles. For instance I refer you to any book by John Sarno, MD regarding the psychosomatic reasons for back pain. Or look at anything written by Leon Chaitow, DO, ND and you will see there are numerous reasons why a person can 'grow' from bodywork and massage. There are innumerable reasons for back pain, muscle shortness and the resulting decreased height. It isn't always bacterial infecyion

In the process of my own informal study (I simply take ‘before and after’ measurements of clients) I found that wholebody massage therapy (including trigger point therapy, cross fiber friction and effleurage) of the paraspinals, quadratus lumborum, gluteals and hamstrings, and cervical muscles results in the greatest gains in client height (5/8 inch). This seems to indicate that elongation of the spine may be due to simple relaxation of the muscles that support the spine, rasther than the killing of virus and bacteria in those muscles, though that may be happening as well.

Another discovery I made with the Raindrop Technique is that it’s best to choose a different selection of essential oils based on what the client needs. In my last newsletter I listed the seven oils recommended by it’s originator. I have found that the oils used in the Raindrop technique must match the client complaint. Why use a relaxation oil when fighting the onset of cold or flu? As a result, I tailor each session to each client and use the oils that accomplish the goals set by the client.

For example I had a couple clients in July with cold and flu, and respiratory issues. They requested I use oils known for that purpose. Therefore I used essential oils of Arjowan Seed, Angelica Root, Basil, Cajeput, Cedarwood, Eucalyptus Globulus, Eucalyptus Citriodora, Hyssop and Black Pepper. Both clients reported a clearing of symptoms and greater ability in breathing.

One of these clients had an extreme overgrowth of candida that manifested as fatigue and large dark patches over his upper back. He asked that I use oils knnown for fungal infections amd candiida. I did so and after the treatment he said the patches were lighter, itched less and his fatigue was lessened in frequency, duration and depth.

For simple relaxation I use most of the oils that Young recommends. However I do not use the same oils along the spinal reflex points of the foot as I do on the back. This allows a greater number and range of oils to be used in the same session, with the idea that this will effect a better outcome.